The tractor boat is anupgraded version of the ordinary tractor boat. It has the hydraulic liftingfunction of hull and farming tools. It is suitable for lotus root field, deepploughing field and waste field.

Most raw Lake fieldshave no mud feet, the soil is large, the bearing capacity does not exceed1.2kg/cm2, and the grounding specific pressure of wheeled tractor is 4kg / cm2,so it is impossible to walk in mud foot water fields. The ship tractor can ensuresufficient penetration depth and shear soil area, and effectively give play tothe traction force of the machine. Increasing the depth of driving wheel intothe soil and ensuring sufficient shear area are the primary conditions for thetractor boat to work in the field without mud feet.

The utility model has the advantages of simplestructure and low cost, and can adapt to the purchasing power of farmers. Shortdistance transportation can be carried out during the slack season, which isvery popular in the majority of rural areas. The tractor boat has highereconomic benefits in paddy field operation, has the characteristics of flexiblesteering, and has higher production efficiency than tractor in paddy fieldfarming